Friday, December 29, 2006

The 2006 Tag

My dear friends, here is a tag for you all to tell us what were the outstanding things you remember from the year 2006.

OK, I'll start with my list and look forward to reading all of yours:

  1. My son Christopher got married to Mari-Colette, who is just a wonderful and beautiful person.
  2. Jan and I took a holiday to Denmark to visit my good friend Doug and his fiancee Karen in Copenhagen and we then visited the beautiful Frisian Island of Baltrum, where I used to spend many a happy holiday when I was a boy.
  3. My Mum had a pacemaker fitted and is thankfully doing fine now.
  4. The Electronic Firefly blog was created, resulting in many beautiful blogging friends.
  5. England crashed out of the Football World Cup do to total incompetence of its manager, Sven-Goran Eriksson.
  6. Charles Roberts kills three girls and critically wounds eight at an Amish schoolhouse in Lancaster County, Pa.
  7. Stingray's barb kills Steve Irwin.
  8. Saddam Hussain is sentenced to death by a court in Bagdad.
  9. Britain pays off last installment for World War II debts ($83.25m to the US and $22.7m to Canada) which it borrowed in 1950 for rebuilding work after the war.
  10. Gerald Ford and James Brown die amongst others.


a giRL liKe mE said...

Great stuff!

I'm planning to do something similar to this post, celebrating 2006.

As for the photo of me - I've been burned in the past and am not prepared to lose my anonymity just yet!

Jenny said...

I love your list! All I can remember is what I had for breakfast. My memory ain't what it used to be.

it's the little things said...

WOW on number 9. Didn't know that! The fascinating things you learn about your world through your blog friends!

Aisby said...

great list...maybe I should make one as well.

Vicki said...

Great list. I'm going to see if I can remember enough of 2006 to make a list of my own.

Leann said...

boy that is a hard one.if I put down my list it would bore the people and break their hearts.this year aint been a good one for me or those around me.there have been alot of trials and tests this year to test my faith and I didnt always do the right thing.but Lord willing Ill do one on my blog but try to make it a blessing one.God bless you nice guy.

Desert Songbird said...

Oy -- having to recap 2006 in just a few words. Actually, it's been a pretty uneventful year for my family, for which I am grateful since 2005 was horrendous.

I didn't know you had a son, and a grown one at that! See what a recap will do for keeping your friends informed?

Great way of counting one's blessings, huh?

The very nice man said...

A girl like me -
I understand what you mean about being burned. In your own time!

Jenny - I can never remember names, otherwise I'm not too bad!

It's the little things -
Yeah!! Interesting or what?!!

Aisby -
Yes, you should! I will look out for it!

Vicki -
It is harder than you think!

Leann -
A blessing list, huh?? No good for me as it would be endless!!

Desert Songbird -
I have 2 grown up sons and a grown up daughter from my wife's first marriage (yes, I inherited a fully-fletched family at the age of 31) and we have a now 19 year old daughter (Victoria).

Tonya said...

You have a few there that I was unaware of :) Sounds like some great things happened though!!

Yara said...

Erik, I always learn something new from your blog. Thanx,


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