Sunday, January 28, 2007

Those were the days!!

funmonday Fun Monday is here!!!
Before we go to all the participating blogsite and have a good laugh or go all soft about the cute pictures, let me just say this:

I am tagging Swampy to suggest the next Fun Monday post on the 5th February!
So, go girl, GO!!

So here then without further delay are my pictures:

Me being 3 years old (above)
and 13 years old (below)

Now go and have a look at the other participating blog friends:

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Thank you to all of you who have taken part!


Desert Songbird said...

Hey, Erik, it's still Sunday afternoon here right now!

I'll get my Monday post up later.

Jenny said...

Count me in. It'll be up Monday. (My Monday that is.)

Leann said...

cute pic,s guy.good looking young man.still can see that young man looking out of your smile.I checked out the blogs,and posted mine.I didnt have time to post on all of them.I though we were to put kid pictures of us on the post?guess I most have miss read it.well I put kid pic,s of me and all way to now.I did it now cause monday I will have something else to do.God bless

swampy said...

Great pics. This was a fun idea. Lots of wonderful memories as I dug through my box of old photos. Thank You.

Cuppa said...

Hi VNM - I haven't been here before, but AC asked me if I wanted to post a childhood picture or two of me and take part in the fun tomorrow. So a couple of kid pics will go up on my blog tomorrow.

momto3cubs said...

Great photos! The curly hair is adorable. And for 13, not bad ;) Are you still so tall and lean?


The very nice man said...

Tall yes but lean??? . .
You're kidding, right?? :-)

enid said...

what a cutie (and enid means at 13 not 3!)

she's taken part too - here

Beccy said...

What happened to the curls?

Great idea for a post Erik, thanks for suggesting it.

Yara said...

Great Pics. You were so cute, with all that hair. What happened? ^_^

ChrisB said...

What beautiful curls, and you were a cute teenager!!

This was great fun I wonder what it will be next week!!

A Novelist said...

Just got my post up! What a fun idea. You look adorable as a youngin. :)

Thanks for allowing me to participate. Have a great Monday!

Anonymous said...

I want to play. You were an adorable boy :)

Peg said...

Well, weren't you the little cutie!!

This was fun, Erik--I too enjoyed pulling out my pictures, too!

Now, I'm off to run some errands, and I'll sit down this afternoon w/ a coffee and check out the other entries!

Robin (Pensieve) said...

Wow, Erik, what happened? I posted a comment first thing this least I THOUGHT I did. Oh, well, I came back THIS time to let you know my photos are up. Thanks for taking the lead on this! Can't wait to go visit the others now that I'm done.

Oooooo, and my comment to you this morning had something to do with me wanting to run my fingers through those adorable 3-year-old curls. It didn't really say that, but it's what I thought. I imagine you would've rather me want to run my fingers through the 13-year-old hairdo (ummm, when I was 13, or something like that :) ).

The very nice man said...

Thank you all very much for playing along and for your wonderful and downright cute pictures you have all posted!
I knew that my curly hair would be a major attraction!! What happened to it?? Well . . age (the bitch!) happened! If I however would grow my hair now, it would still be very curly but my wife says I should act my age - not my shoe size! Gorram cheek!!
Can't wait until the next Fun Monday!!

Desert Songbird said...

You were a cutie, Erik! Not that you're not now (giggle).

I FINALLY got mine up - enjoy!

Tiggerlane said...

LOVE the curly locks! But I wonder - did they become unmanageable as you got older?

The 13-year old photo proves you had an easy time with puberty. So cute!

Vicki said...

hubba hubba

marnie said...

Oh, I so wish I didn't have school tonight. I will have to wait until tomorrow to check out everyone's photos...

Amy W said...

You were 13 in that picture?

Karmyn said...

Love the curly hair and the sixpack tummy!!!!

Susan in va said...

This was great! And I love the idea! I'm gettin' in on the next one.

Love the pics!

Cuppa said...

Tons of fun and I met a whole lot of new friends. Thanks. I look forward to the next Fun Monday.

Stephanie said...

You need to change your moniker to the Very Nice Handsome Man! I love those pictures!!

Since I'm the new blogging Mama over at Mama Drama, I'm a little behind, but count me in for next Fun Monday!!

Stephanie said...

You need to change your moniker to the Very Nice Handsome Man! I love those pictures!!

Since I'm the new blogging Mama over at Mama Drama, I'm a little behind, but count me in for next Fun Monday!!

Mert said...

You were a cutie as a kid! :O) Thanks for thinking this up, it's been a lot of fun so far! Mine is up.

Deana said...

Oh you're so handsome! What a great shot and I love those baby curls....too cute. You were a charmer I bet.

willowtree said...

Geez Erik, you sure were a big unit at 13. Looks like everyone is having fun.

Meander said...

you have a very fine blog here! i was browsing blogs tonight and getting out of my comfort zone. i am glad i took the time to explore!

Maggie said...

Day late Dollar short. However, this looked like so much fun. I linked so Maybe I'll remember next Mondays fun.

I did post a young maggie though.

Sally Lomax said...

Nice pix!!

Will ask my mum to bring some photos. Seeing her tomorrow!!


Wayne said...

You run a fabulous blog mate.

I'll see if I can fathom how to do it...?

Rose said...

You were tall for 13. I had a flash back to teen years this week so there are a couple teen pics on my blog too.