Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Zoom - zoom - zoom

Last weekend we zoomed up to the North of England to visit our friend Carol and whilst we were up there, we visited a small town called Richmond, a village called Gosmont and the seaside town of Whitby.
Here are some pictures:


Richmond - 004
Carol and Jan in Richmond Market Square

Richmond - 008
Village scene

Richmond - 011
Richmond Castle (or is it Richmond Ruins?)

Richmond - 014
Looking up . . .

Richmond - 015
. . . and looking down!!

Richmond - 018


Gosmont - 003
Gosmont is one end of the North Yorkshire Steam Railway track

Gosmont - 006
The 9:10 hours train pulling out of Gosmont station

Gosmont - 007
I love steam trains. They just have that special character.

Gosmont - 009
Makes you want to play with your model railway, huh??!!


Whitby - 001
The Whale Bones at Whitby

Whitby - 010
Is the woman on the phone saying: "Yes, I've come to the end of land! Now what??"

Whitby - 002
Whitby parking attendant???

Whitby - 004
After the rain

Whitby - 006
View from the top

Whitby - 008
Whitby harbour

Next we will be zooming off South to Brighton!


Janet said...

Just catching up with you...after a long time! Great photos!


Anvilcloud said...

The village looks very nice and interesting, and the train looks great.

Beccy said...

Looks like a great weekend, my boys would love a ride on the steam train.

Amy W said...

Looks nothing like Richmond, Virginia :).

Great pics.

dodo said...

last weekend? are you sure? because i'm fairly certain that last weekend the entire country was headed toward ark building!

thanks for your comment on my blog. i really appreciate it, and have edited the post to reflect that.

Karmyn R said...

All these traveling pictures have inspired me. I want to go somewhere!

a giRL liKe mE said...

Looks very Yorkshirey!

Tonya said...

The photos are great as always Erik... we can plan vacations around your

ChrisB said...

I am seeing places in England I've never had the opportunity to visit. I love market towns they are so full of character. The steam trains bring back childhood memories of trips to the seaside, no holidays we were too poor, just the odd day trip, but how we enjoyed them.

tlawwife said...

I am always amazed by your photos. They are great and I can just feel myself walking down those streets begging my husband to let me go in at least one or two stores. Thanks for taking us with you.

Desert Songbird said...

Definitely not what I see around here! Once again, great photos, Erik. I love when you "take us along" on your journeys.