Friday, May 25, 2007

Answer me this . . .

Greetings, friends,
One of my friends, an old colleague of mine still working at the unmentionable place for a few weeks yet has asked me what I was doing all day long now that I am not working and why I haven't updated the firefly for such a long time.

Well, Gary, here is your answer:

Since Jan, my better half, is still working to keep me in the luxury I've got accustomed to, I get up at about 7 a.m. and together with Victoria take the dog for a walk in the park.

Here we are at the back of the house just leaving

Once in the park we let the dog off the lead to have a good run around whilst we chat about loads of things and take some pictures.

Jamie on the loose

Victoria snapping flowers in the field

Once we get back home we have breakfast together and after putting some washing on I spend some time on the computer dealing with emails or playing with my new software, Adobe Photoshop Element, which does all manners of photo manipulation.

For example, you can turn this

into this

Then it is time to do some combination of these:
Hang some washing out, do some ironing, hoover the house, change the beds, wash the floors, clean the bathrooms, dust the furniture, . . . . .

So, as you can see, a house-man's job is never done!

By this time it is lunch-time and Victoria and I have an excursion into town or into Milton Keynes for some coffee and light snack as well as doing the food shopping or I meet with Garry for some pub lunch and a couple of beers.

Victoria and Olivia at M&S
Victoria and Olivia (a friend of hers we happened to meet) at M&S

By the time we get back home it is about 2 p.m. and time for a little snooze in front of the telly or some more Internet surfing.
Then the dog needs to be taken out again

We love our park with its little river

and its greenery and with weather like this, who wants to work??

By now the kitchen is waiting for me to prepare dinner for the gang and cook up a storm for the hungry hippos!

Roasted Asparagus with Feta Cheese and Chilli & Garlic infused Oil
The evening is for relaxation!

Well, Gary, there you have it! The answer to your question and as you can see I just haven't got time to work!!
As for not updating the blog more often . . . I must confess it is just laziness on my part!
Sorry, everybody!!


Gary said...

Erik, You Git. Talk about rubbing in salt to the wound. Whilst i'm here gazing out of the window thinking sticking pins into my eyes would be more fun then this, you have a life again. I'm sick of office politics, Meetings that go on for hours and nothing is resolved. I just want to go.

Tonya said...

Great to see you post again Erik!! Looks like great days now that you are not working.. although I gag at the thought of the Asparagus the picture sure makes it look good.. lol

Eric said...

I was wondering what had kept you away from your blog; glad to see it was something like ironing!

I have a basketful here in Virginia; think you could come across the pond and take care of it for me?


The very nice man said...

Gary -
Yes, I am a git, aren't I (heehee) but I just had to do it (the voices told me so!!)

Tonya -
Asparagus . . you love it or hate!
I loooooove it!!

Eric -
Send me the money for the crossing and I'll be over there like a shot!

ChrisB said...

Nice to hear your update. I've been wondering how you have been occupying your time (thought you might have got a job) but see you really do have one that keeps you fully occupied!!

Desert Songbird said...

I need a good househusband. Can you come on out here and do my laundry for me? Sigh - I detest folding clothes, but I abhor cleaning bathrooms...

Kila said...

Ah, you are still alive.

I can see how you couldn't fit us into your busy schedule ;)

Looks like a wonderful way to spend your days.

Are you for rent?

Leann said...

Hi nice man.I been off and not bloging too much my self.its nice to take a break now and then.glad your having fun and not sick or some thing.enjoy the time will be a time to remember down the line.
loved the pictures bro.and the work you did on the one picture was so cool.its awesome.
and supper looks great yummy.your a good hubby to cook and clean for your lady while she is working.

I know guys who expect their wives to work and do the rest to.even when they are home to do it for her.
there is nothing more sexy then a man who knows how to run the vac and use the washer.
they asked woman when they thought their hubbys looked sexy.they said when they were cleaning or helping them around the shows they love their wives and dont think of her as their maid...or slave..

guys dont make no browny buttens by playing dumb about house work.

your a good man nice man...your wife is blessed.

to all of you.I ran out of cash so your package is still sitting in my van.I will try to mail it on or around the first of june.sorry it is taking so long.

Pamela said...

I want to get laid off my job, too.

Yara said...

Hello Erik,

Glad to see that you are keeping quite busy these days. It seems yo are enjoying your time off and using it well too. Wish I could be there, I would give an arm to be having such a fun time. By the way the asparagus look great, going to have to make me some of those. :)

Take care,

Stephanie mama drama said...

Please come to Houston and cook for me. Please. Thank you.

Oh, and if you'd just iron a few of my blouses for work...

You are an awesome husband and dad!!

it's the little things... said...

Very good! I'm glad you are keeping yourself busy in all the very best ways...

Little Miss Moi said...

Dear very nice man. I have to say, you do the house-man job much better than I do the house-wife job. Good on you - ironing! I just hired someone to do it for me. Asparagus looks simply delish, and I love the second-last photo. Great light and beautiful in it's natural simplicity.